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10-Jan-09 Fixed a typo on "History/Why 442s?" page - refurbs started 1998, not 1988!

Added to "News" page:
An Unrefurbished Unit In Service!
Brighton Timetables - week commencing Monday 8th Dec 2008
Brighton Timetables - week commencing Monday 15th Dec 2008


Added to "News" page:
- First trip to Brighton
- 442s in service again!


Added to "News" page:
- Goodbye Slammers
- Wheelslip Protection Testing
- Moves

Moved to Archive page:
- News Update
- Eastleigh Move
- Negotiations
- Pigs to GatEx
- 2416 to Eastleigh

20-Jan-08 Added to "News" page:
- Refurbishment Specification

Added to "News" page:
-Wolverton Move


Added to "News" page:
- Test Run


Added to "News" page:
- "Return of the 442s!"

Moved to Archive page:
- Pigs Could Go North!
- Southern Rumour
- Quick Update

19-Oct-07 Added to "News" page:
- "Brighton Line Test Run #2"

Added to "News" page:
- "Brighton Line Test Run"


Added to "News" page:
- More Driver Training

Changed text on "History/Why 442s?" page - thanks, d.river!

21-June-07 Added to "News" page:
- Gatwick Express Confirmed
16-May-07 Added to "News" page:
- Drivier Training

Added to "News" page:
- 2416 to Eastleigh
- Pigs to GatEx
- Negotiations


Added to "News" page:
- "Eastleigh Move"

Fixed typos on the front page.


Re-structured site:
- Removed "Withdrawal/News" page
- Removed "Discussion" page

- "News" page
- "Archive" page
- "Withdrawal" page

Re-arranged and re-formatted menu bar.

Added to "News" page:
- "News Update"

Added to "Contact/Links" page:
- Link to NSERs (Network South East Railway Society)
- Link to RailUK
- Link to District Dave's London Underground Forum

Added no450 section to the "Petition page.

15-Mar-07 Added to the Withdrawal/News page:
- Pigs Could Go North!
- Southern Rumour

Added to Withdrawal page:
- Last Rites (take two)


Added link to Gordon's 442 Gallery on the Gallery page.

Added links to articles on the BBC and Southern Daily Echo on the Contact/Links page.

Added to Withdrawal page:
- Meet The Manager, Waterloo, 1st Feb
- Last Diagram (take two)

Updated on Withdrawal page:
- In The Press
- A Letter from SWT

23-Jan-07 Corrected some of the figures on the Discussion page - "A Purely Theoretical Exercise".

Added Links section to Contact page.
Added link to article in "The Times" newspaper to Links & Withdrawal pages.
Tidied up the logo banner and menu bar so there's no gap between them.


New front page.

Added to Withdrawal page:
- Last Rites

Updated on Withdrawal page:
- Pictures
- Last Diagram
- Moved "Withdrawal History" to bottom of page.
- Re-worded "Timetable" to make more sense and clarify a point.

Formatting fixed on the "History" page.

13-Jan-07 One-off front-page uploaded as today is the last official day of 442 service.

Added to Discussion page:
- Meet The Manager
- A Purely Theoretical Exercise
- Those Junipers!!!
- Rumour Mill
- Why do Gatwick Express want these?

Added to Withdrawal page:
- Last Diagram
- Pictures!
- Meet The Manager
- Reliability Problems

24-Dec-06 Additions to front page and "Discussion".
Re-write of most of "withdrawal".
Added History / Why 442s? page.
20-Dec-06 Withdrawal info on home page updated.
Update to Discussion page - "Am I Serious?"
19-Dec-06 Site is moved to and made public. Forum now open.
14-Dec-06 Site first created. Beta version uploaded to private webspace for testing.