I wrote this page to protest about SWT withdrawing these great trains. As a semi-regular user of the
Weymouth - Waterloo line, I appreciate the comfort and ride quality of these trains, which the newer
444 Desiro trains don't come anywhere close to. Having travelled the same journey on both types
of stock, the 442s win hands down, every time, for me.

If you are opposed to SWT withdrawing these trains, then please sign the petition at

The more signatures can be gathered, the more SWT may re-consider this withdrawal.

Additionally, please take the time please write to SWT. If enough of us write in, we may
be able to achieve something. Additionally, anyone who can make it to their "Meet The
Manager" sessions, please do so and tell a manager to their face!

Here's SWT's mail address:

Customer Service Centre
South West Trains
Overline House
Blechynden Terrace
SO15 1GW

And here's a link to their "Meet The Manager" schedule: --click--



Spearheaded by David Habershon, campaigns against the introduction
of the Class 450 trains onto the Portsmouth line and the withdrawal of the Class 444
trains, which now mostly serve the Weymouth line.

Please show your support - sign their petition and perhaps join their forum.