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Class 442 Petition - please sign!

Porstmouth anti-450 Petition - please sign this one too!


Article in "The Times",,2-2530015.html

Article in the "Southern Daily Echo"

BBC Article about the withdrawal of the Class 458 Junipers (Jan 2004)


Network SouthEast Railway Society
"The Network SouthEast Railway Society was established to promote interest in
the latter years of the nationalised British Rail network in south-eastern England,
and to establish an archive of material relating to it, in order to preserve
this era for the benefit of future generations."
These guys own a 4Cig, and are hoping to purchase a 442 as well!
(Apologies for taking so long to put the link up, Mike!)

Tom's Rail Site - Excellent forums covering all rail-related issues.

District Dave's London Underground Forum
Dave is a Train Operator on the District line on the Tube, and this is his forum!
Probably the best tube forum on the internet with a big knowledgebase.