Stylized photo of 442401’s DTS(A) 77382 standing outside Eastleigh Works.

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Welcome to the Class 442 Restoration Project Site

This website was originally set up back in 2006 to document the withdrawal of the Class 442 EMUs from South West Trains. Since the withdrawal of the 442s, most of them have either been scrapped or are in the process of. One single carriage - Driving Trailer Standard (A end) 77382 from 442401 - has been preserved and is in the ownership and care of Northumbria Rail Ltd. It is based at Eastleigh Works.

The plan is to turn this website into an ongoing record of the work done to 77382 as well as provide historical information on the units and more!

This website is under development... there will be more coming soon!

UPDATE 23/JUNE/22: WE HAVE A FORUM! Click here to join us!


For the meantime, here's an FAQ!

What use is a single 442 DTS on its own?
It's a good static exhibit, but there are plans to get it moving again, so stay tuned!

What work has been done so far?
- Buckeye coupler fitted and tested so 77382 can be coupled with Mk3 stock.
- Wiring tested and identified so a jumper can be made up.
- Interior lighting tested with a majority of it working.
- Single sided Passenger Information System displays tested working.
- Front facing cab windscreen mounted PIS display tested working.
- PIS announcements tested working - in multiple languages! (Former Gatwick Express system)
- Doors tested working using shore air supply connected to main reservoir.
- Vigilance system tested working.

What work is planned?
- General restoration inside and out.
- Continuation of the ongoing work on the electrical system.
- Further work to enable it to work with other units... details TBC!

What can I expect to see on this website?
- A brief history of the 442 and its working life.
- Progress reports for 77382.
- A photo gallery for 77382.
- "Fan" section - your memories and photos of the 442s.
- Fundraising information.
- Subject to demand, a discussion forum.

How can I help?
Right now, we need donations. We currently have a Facebook fundraiser ongoing and are looking at other options. The Facebook fundraiser can be found here - your donations are very welcome and very much appreciated! We're also going to need graphic designers for the website - icons, banners, etc.

Where else can I find you online?
The fundraiser is our official presence on Facebook. However you may wish to join the Official Class 442 "Wessex Electric" Facebook page, which you'll find here. Northumbria Rail Ltd's Facebook page is here, and Arlington Fleet Services' Facebook page is here.

Who's behind this fundraiser/restoration?
The fundraiser is run by David Shell, Craig Owen and Jonathan Flood on behalf of Northumbria Rail Ltd. The website is built, maintained and hosted by David Baxter.

I have a question!
Email us - email at class 442 dot co dot uk. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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